The real work of my art takes about an hour.  However, in my busy life, I rarely experience the luxury of having fifteen minutes, much less a whole hour, to think about painting. 

Usually, my brain manages to squeeze in two to three action packed thoughts about my art on any given day.  If I’m lucky, color inspiration hits while sorting clean socks, or a nagging composition problem resolves itself as I stand in line at the grocery store after work.

Creating art provides me with solace in the chaos.  So much remains beyond my control, but the puzzles of my paintings can be solved.  As a painter, I impose order on a world I can’t contain otherwise.  Each of my works represents an attempt to define a scene’s coherence while maintaining its mood. 

Life catches us up in its complexity while art makes space for us to simply enjoy.  In the midst of the swirl of your experience, I invite you to take a minute and enjoy mine.